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Venetian Blinds

Horizontal Blinds

They are made with a series of horizontal slats (hence the name) that hang one on top of the other from a ribbon or cord. They are attached to the top of your window frame via a mechanism comprising of a cord through which up and down movement of the blind is done.

They are made of metal, vinyle, pvc or plastic or wood. Slats can be opened or closed to bring in and block outside light by the use of cord provided. These types of blinds are mainly used for smaller, narrower and taller windows.

Vertical or Panel Track Blinds

As the name suggests, they have vertical slats or vanes which allow daylight to filter in and out when open or closed. They slide sideways and typically hang from a track with a valance covering the tracking mechanism. The movement is easy and can be controlled by wireless remote or cords.

These are generally used on sliding patio door, over large sliding windows and on wide windows. As vertical blinds completely stack to the side when open, they create a completely exposed window for daylight to come through, providing an unobstructed view.