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Wooden Flooring

It is made from timber and is designed for use as flooring and comes in various styles and colors. These are basically pieces of wooden planks fitted (pasted) on floors by the use of chemical adhesives. It takes only a few hours for fixing.

It makes the room look good and enhances the décor of the room. It can be replaced with a new design with ease without breaking the floor as and when required.


PVC Flooring

It is made of PVC material and is used for installation on floors and comes in various colours and designs. As and when required it can be taken out and can be replaced with a new one of latest design.

It enhances the beauty of the room and can be installed in a couple of hours.

Canopy & Awnings

It is an overhead roof usually made of fabric attached over the outside of windows, doors, garages, balconies, etc. providing shade from sunlight and also preventing rain from entering the premises.

It can be dismantled as and when needed and can also be retracted to open or close as and when required.

Headboard for Beds

It is a piece of furniture that is attached to the head of a bed and acts as a barrier between the wall and the bed, thereby preventing the wall at the head side from getting dirty. It keeps the pillows from falling off the bed during night time and at the same time gives the bed a decorative look.

Headboards are made of soft cushioned upholstery material allowing your head to rest comfortably while reading or watching television and come in all shapes and sizes to give your bedroom a beautiful look.

Bathroom Shower Cubicles

It is basically an enclosure for a shower in a bathroom, made of entirely glass or of aluminum doors fitted with glass. It keeps the bathroom dry and prevents water from spilling to other areas of the bathroom thereby reducing the chances of slipping and falling.

Usually the flooring area of the bath enclosure is either raised or lowered depending on the level of the bathroom flooring for easy exit of water. It also adds decor to the bathroom.

Green Net Curtains

These are made from polyester yarn, jute, plastic, bamboo sticks etc.. It gives protection from sunlight, rain, dust etc.. One can use these curtains for balconies, windows, outdoors, anywhere. It is very easy to install & can be washed also.

Sofa Repairing

We also provide services like sofa repairing along with upholstery change (sofa cloth changing) for your old sofas.


We also provide service of repairing & cleaning of curtains, shades & blinds along with spares & accessories.