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Mosquito Nets

Roll–Up Mosquito Net

In such type of a system, the mosquito net is fitted to an aluminium frame and can be rolled up and down by the use of a spring loaded mechanism fitted with the frame. The net is made of fibre glass fabric and is long lasting and can be also cleaned.

Mosquito Nets

Sliding Mosquito Net

These are made of aluminium sliding windows with a mosquito net fitted to It and can be moved to and fro in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house or office. These can be cleaned as and when required

Mosquito Nets

Velcro mosquito net

It is the most common type of mosquito screen fitment system available in the market. The mosquito net is fitted with the help of a adhesive Velcro tape stuck on all the sides of the window frame.

The net is held by the Velcro tape and can be easily opened with just pulling the net. Can be cleaned as and when required.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Net with PVC Frame

This type of system is made of PVC material in the form of shutter frames fitted with mosquito nets and attached on the surface of the existing window frame with the help of screws and hinges just like windows having shutters.

PVC shutters can be opened and closed as and when required to prevent entry of mosquitoes inside the room. It can be taken out completely for cleaning and is washable.

Bird Nets

It is made from a type of plastic material and is highly durable and long lasting. Its main purpose is to keep out birds, mainly pigeons , from entering open areas like balconies, verandahs etc. of a house / building, thereby keeping these premises free from perching.

Bird Spikes

These are narrow strips of spikes made of plastic or steel materials that can be attached (fixed) to eaves , roofs, window spills or anywhere of a building to keep away pigeons or birds from sitting thereby preventing them from perching or roosting and hence help in keeping the areas and premises of the building clean.