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Aluminium / UPVC Glass Windows & Doors

Aluminium Glass Windows & Doors

These are cheaper to install than wooden doors & windows and are virtually maintenance free, durable and does not crack, discolour or rust.

This window and door is also fireproof offering added safety and strength wise is harder to dent.

It is widely used with glass for windows, doors, partitions, enclosures etc. and can be powder coated or anodized to provide a variety of colours.

UPVC Windows & Doors

A plastic powder called upvc is heated and chemically processed through moulds to give various shapes & sizes such as windows, doors, enclosures, water pipes etc..

It is highly durable, maintenance free, does not rot and also provides thermal insulation during summer.

Because of it’s strength and hardness, it provides enhanced security against burglars breaking in. Also it brightens the interior décor of the room by giving it a beautiful look.